SINCE 2013

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Northside Distilling Co. started in the way that any good distillery starts, with friends. Chris and close friend, Josh, began home brewing in the basement, which lead to an interest in distilling. After purchasing a 13 gallon still and moving operations to an old family farm in Cincinnati's Northside neighborhood, Northside Distilling Co. was born! In 2016 we moved to downtown Cincinnati OH - our "hidden gem" still feels as honest and no frills as that old family barn. No push button operations, just good ole' fashioned hand crafting.


"Northside Distillery is a fantastic, hidden gem. The spirits are creative, delicious and potent. Ditto the cocktail menu."

-Randy W.

"One of the most unique and best old fashions I’ve had around Cincinnati. Luke, behind the bar, actually burned the wood to create a firewood smokiness inside of my old fashioned. First time I’ve ever seen this and it made me feel right at home with the firewood smell while taking every sip. I highly recommend this place on a cold day."

-Spencer M.