From the beginning, we knew we wanted to barrel-age our products. So, we decided we needed a solid Corn Whiskey that would age well into Bourbon, but would also stand out by itself. 

Thus, our Corn Whiskey was born as our very first product, and one that we spent countless months perfecting. It has an 83% Corn and 17% malted barely mash bill, distilled twice to give us purity without sacrificing flavor, and bottled at 80 proof. 

MOONSHINE "Northside Shine"

Moonshine was never on the list of products we set out to make. However, after realizing that we had a lot of corn left over from our Corn Whiskey, we thought..."let's explore what we can do with this." And man...are we glad we asked that question. 

What was born was "Northside Shine," or Moonshine. We decided to make as traditional a product as possible. Like our forefathers in the woods, we took a couple of "handfuls" of corn for flavor, added some sugar cane, and distilled once. 


We knew we wanted to make Vodka. BUT, we knew we wanted to make the best Vodka out there. A product that we could really put our name on and go door to door telling everyone how great it was. And with our Vodka, we did just that. (Sorry for going door to door). 

We sampled and tested every vodka we could get our hands on, and what we realized, was we loved the vodka made with corn the best. Call us good ole' Midwesterners. We like Corn. 

Distilled from corn 9 times, our vodka is smooth and delicious.


Barreled right here on location, we are extremely proud of our Bourbon...it's been years in the making! Aged for 3 years with just the right amount of rye to give it a friendly, balanced spice - our Bourbon is hand-crafted using local Ohio grains.

Release date: 11/1/2017

We save the pine needles for the holidays, not our Gin. Smooth with flavors of fruity lavender and citrus peel, this spirit embodies the idea that "no two gins are the same." Our Gin is simply delicious! Try it for yourself!


Release date: 1/1/2018


An annual limited release, our American Agave spirit ("American Tequila") is made with 100% Blue Agave from Mexico. Legally, we can't call it Tequila...so we don't. We call it American Agave and it's the first of its kind ever produced in Ohio! We're proud of that too!

Did we mention that we age this in whiskey barrels too? 

Release date: 5/5/2018


Our hand-crafted Rum is twice-distilled, in house, using pure Blackstrap molasses. While it belongs on a beach, we'll settle for the banks of the Ohio River. 

Grab our barrel-aged version at the tap room!

Release date: 7/4/2018